Often translated as 'feast,' the Hebrew word mo'ed is best translated 'appointed time.' (The plural is mo'edim.) The word also carries the idea of 'rehearsal,' or 'practice.' Each of God's mo'edim serves two purposes: one purpose is to remember a past event in the lives of God's people where we were blessed (memorial) and a second purpose is to rehearse or practice for an event yet to come (prophetic). The chart below lists the seven annual mo'edim, each with its' memorial and prophetic meanings.



Memorial Meanings

Prophetic Meanings


1 Passover
14-15 Nisan
  • Passover lamb sacrificed
  • Salvation from angel of death
  • Yeshua crucified
  • Salvation from sin
2 Unleavened Bread
        Hag Hamatzot
15-21 Nisan
  • Delivery from Egypt / slavery
  • Holiness, separation from sin
  • Yeshua's sinlessness
  • Yeshua, Bread of Life sin
3 Firstfruits
Day following Sabbath during Passover week
  • Firstfruits of barley harvest
  • Begin counting the omer
  • Yeshua's resurrection, the firstfruits of the redeemed


4 Weeks
Fifty days after Firstfruits
  • Firstfruits of wheat harvest
  • Torah given at Mt.Sinai
  • Believers first filled with Holy Spirit


5 Trumpets
        Yom Teru'ah
1st of Tishri
  • General harvest
  • Military victories
  • Yeshua's return
6 Day of Atonement
        Yom Kippur
10th of Tishri
  • Fasting, repentance
  • Sacrifice of Atonement
  • Judgement of God
7 Tabernacles
        Leviticus 23:33-44
15th-22nd of Tishri
  • Thanksgiving for harvest
  • God's provision in the desert
  • Millennial Kingdom
  • Marriage of the Lamb

Notice that the prophetic meanings of the first four mo'dim were fulfilled at Yeshua's first coming. However, the last three mo'edim have yet to be fulfilled. Do you think that the time for the fulfillment of these final feasts is near?

For many believers, when they first come into an understanding of the Hebrew roots of their faith, they begin to walk out this new understanding by observing God's mo'edim as laid out in this section of Leviticus. This often leads to passionate discussions with relatives and acquaintances. While it's always good to work to improve our walk with our heavenly father, it's important to remember that the commandment to love one another is a key aspect of that walk.