Task 1194 Contracts and Covenants Study with John 4.3.2018


It was suggested from last week’s discussion (Tuesday March 27, 2018) on Two House, that this topic be broached.


Start off with these things as a presupposition found in "Marsing's Rules"

  1. The weightiest thing
  2. Covenants at the spiritual level can be understood at the physical level in the form of a marriage covenant
  3. Covenants are a special form of contract, but a contract none the less
  4. Great Clarity in your studies
  5. Elements of a contract, what are they pg. 5
  6. If you have a contract, you have authority

Give an example in the timely discusson of the Passover lamb and the blood on the door post

  1. Exo 12:23 and the angel of death
  2. Trespass
  3. Take out a policy called Angel of Death Insurance
  4. Quo Warranto
  5. Patterns of the mezuzah Deuteronomy 6:9
  6. PaRDeS - Remez to Gen 4 sin is at your door
  7. Torah is a list of sins

Referenced Articles

  1. Reference Article: Marsing's Rules Article #501