I decided to do this topic after the work I have been put in to modifying the LMM website so that it can better manage Sukkot registration. From a technical point of view what was needed to pull this off was a couple of things…a database and the ability to manage logins i.e. peoples identity. I was very comfortable working with databases, but not as much with identity.

I would say that being a programmer who writes code that emulates the world around us, I’m always amazed how I can relate and transfer this skill set into writing about scripture. I had some opinions on identity as it relates to scripture, so this is my introduction to the topic.

Bullet Points

  1. Why Identity?
  2. Identity Politics is this good or bad?
    • Better title...Identity Religion?
    • Biblical-identity-in-an-age-of-identity-politics (a working document)
  3. How would Identify myself
  4. Awareness of your Identity leads you to the awareness of your covenant.
  5. Is it wise to let other identify who you are?
  6. What are the ramifications (e.g. legal) of letting others Identify you.
  7. Identity Theft
    • It is amazing how this has become a problem in the information world that we live in.
    • Jacob and Esau
    • What was the source of Jacob's Trouble
    • If you steal someone's identity does that reflect poorly on your own identity