Review - Notes from Tuesday March 27, 2018

Great dialog between myself and Paul Hebron

We finished the Verse List and we spent a lot of time talking about Middle Wall of Partition Broken Down Ephesians 2:12-19 and Paul Hebron (Paul H) challenged me why that would be a good verse to try to convince a Gentile of the two house teaching. This was good because he had good points and Iron sharpens Iron.

Before I go forward with my response, I want to comment on a few verses that we also read that ended up being interconnected

The verses I would like to discuss (review) are...

My response to Paul H was ...

Final thoughts, I thought it was neat how the remaining few verses that were originally meant for just Two House tied themselves together and that it would help to better appreciates Paul Hebron's perspective.

Verses To Read

It's kind of hard to pick verses because "once you see it [two house] you can't un-see it".

Verse(s) Description
Jeremiah 3:6-12 Bill of Divorce
Jeremiah 31:31-34 The renewed covenant is to both houses
Ezekiel 37:15-17 The two sticks of Judah and Ephraim joined together in Elohims hand
Hosea 1:1-11 The Bill of Divorce given to the House of Israel / Ephraim
Matthew 5:17-20 The Sermon on the Mount: The Law and the Prophets
Matthew 10:5-7 Yeshua commands the apostles (sent forth ones) with a message
Matthew 15:24 The identity of who Yeshua was sent for is given
Matthew 22:37-40 The two great commandments given
John 14:15 How to love Yeshua but to keep his commandments.
Galatians 3:28-29 Seed of Abraham, heirs according to the promise
Ephesians 2:12-19 Middle Wall of Partition Broken Down
2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show thyself approved
James 1:27 Pure religion
1st Peter 2:9-10 chosen generation, royal priesthood, holy nation (quote Hosea ch 1)
Revelation 21:24-27 Israel will judge the nations

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    Blotting out the handwriting (cheirographon G5498) of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; Col 2:14
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  15. ToDo: I need to write an article describing the root causes of why these two houses, Judah and Ephraim, and their respective religions, split apart.

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Older Notes

Notes from Tuesday March 20, 2018

Terms: Jew, Israel, Church and Replacement Theology

This was part of the discussion from last Shabbat (Saturday March 17, 2018) that I wanted to discuss. I felt it was a good example of some Critical Thinking points I mentioned ... exegesis v. eisegesis and also using well defined terms.

excerpt starting at 43:47 .
Joe: 43:58 This is what got the Jews got in trouble from the very
44:00 beginning because they denied the Torah
44:03 and [you] used the term [long / while] ago
44:06 replacement theology which is where
44:09 because of Israel's not being obedient
44:14 to the Lord, God has taken away their
44:17 blessings and put it to the church what
44:19 makes the church Israel

Me: 44:23 Who is Israel? that you're saying this word Israel is
44:25 it talking about Jews [or] are you talking about
44:27 the House of Israel are you talking
44:29 about both all house

44:33 I'm talking about ones that God through Moses told them to
44:36 do this and do that and do something
44:38 else and because they were a disobedient
44:41 to God, God...
44:45 the reform group and the dispensationalist
44:48 say that God has taken away
44:51 Israel's or the Jews blessings and put
44:55 that blessings on to the church [well]
44:58 makes Israel

Me (interrupting):
45:01 your ... we have to define our
45:04 terms now. right? you threw the word Jew
45:06 and Israel in there you know well under
45:08 changeable terms and then there's this
45:09 new term called the church oh I I agree
45:13 that that I won't deny that the Jews
45:16 were punished but I would say it's
45:18 because they did not recognize the
45:21 Covenant through the Messiah they didn't
45:25 recognize that the Covenant was now
45:27 available to Israel to all of Israel to
45:30 the house of Israel does that make sense

Initial Thoughts

To give context to the Two House understanding I need to "throw out there" some basic thoughts and questions to chew on. In my presentation I want you to not focus to much on these things initially (as there are a lot of them) but let them whet your appetite, then, after discussing the topic come back and try to find relevance.

Goals and Mission Statement

How can you be successful at anything that your serious about if you don't have a goal? For example, one of my big goals is to create and live in what I call a Torah Gated Community. Great! Once that is stated, now you can actually go about accomplishing those goals?

More Topics

This is not an exhaustive list and they are also cross cutting concerns that can apply to many other aspects of your life (e.g. time management). Having said that though they should definitely not be ignored in this utmost important thing that defines your relationship with your Elohim.

Two House

Why Study Two House?

It's amazing how much the main religions, (Antinomian) Christianity and (Rabbinic) Judaism, have ignored this teaching and understanding. You would think that Messianic Judaism would be interested in this but, it is my observation, they hate this topic. It's taboo to them.

Our Era
It's also amazing how much the institutions that we rely have been greatly diminished. Here's a list

What's my point? I could spend a lot of time talking about each one of this institutions but there's not enough time. What I do know is that your relationship with Adonai is paramount in the era we live in and getting a good handle on Two House will help you immensely.

Salvation what, who and why

I admit that people's views on this are pretty much set in stone, but it needs to be reviewed. Christianity talks obsesseively about salvation so let me ask some questions

When answering these questions I submit it's very important to consider this from the perspective of the two houses.

Theology and Covenants

If I want to be more definitive about Two House, I say Two House One Covenant. Awareness of your Identity leads you to the awareness of your covenant.